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29 giugno 2010


Ciao summer people,
This is one of the last radioshow for this season… Six months have passed and it’s time to look back to see what happened… many beautiful stuff came out…as Gonjasufi, Flying Lotus, Jamie Lidell, Erykah Badu, Floating Points, Funkineven, Madlib and his incredible albums, Actress, Makossa & Megablast, Bonobo, M.I.A. , Cee-Lo, Scuba, Moodymann, Four Tet… some of this we'll listen in this show, other is right to point out.
In this months is also came out some E.P. made in Roma from Pepe Soup and Massimo Voci …and we are proud to play for first.
That’s all for this show … next week’s radioshow will be the last of the season… but there’s still time…


info : situaradio@lasituazione.com

21 giugno 2010


Ciao everyone,
Just another hour together… some of best tunes from around the world on SITUARDIO …
In this show … King Maidas Sound with alternative mix of “Outta Space”, another track of Ghost Poet from London, a new promo from Moodymann on vinyl and last, but not list… the first unreleased product of lasituazione in the dub version… “What a Dub Situation” is a hystorical track never released.

info : situaradio@lasituazione.com

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14 giugno 2010


Ciao cool people,
We are inside the mood of world cup … but this not influence the music choice…
Always the best around the world every show and every week for SITUARADIO’s listeners.
This week new stuff from James Blake, M.I.A. , Cee-Loo, Massimo Voci & PepeSoup.
Just to tell some name… the rest can you listen Here.

Info : situaradio@lasituazion.com

07 giugno 2010


Ciao a tutti,
This week highlights for Moodymann’s new E.P. , brand new from Ghost Poet and Seu Jorge with the classic of Roy Ayers “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”… plus new Dj Nature on Jazzy Sport and a classic of Eddie Kendricks for starting the show.
There seems enough?


01 giugno 2010


Ciao belli,
Is nice when you found the new music and you can’t wait to broadcast…Well, I feel good now !
In this show play new stuff from Donn T (produced by Simbad), Mim Suleiman, a techno track by Basic Soul Unit and the incredible journey into the psychedelic atmosphere by DJ Harvey prs.Locussolus …
Inside other tracks featuring Flying Lotus, Gonjasufi, Bothus Podas and many more.

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